Eyebrows for beginners…. by a beginner (nope, I’m not a beauty blogger)

benefit_SpitafieldMarketI’m not a beauty blogger… not even close. A quick browsing session on on my blog (which is mostly in French… I admit) will tell you so. Nevertheless I try to keep up with beauty trends – thinking I’m « fashionable » would be a notch too far (big notch) – I just try not to stand out for all the wrong reasons 😉 I know I set myself high expectations, right!

Couple of times a year, I get my eyebrow threaded. I find it very uncomfortable and half of my face is bright pink for at least two hours afterwards (no matter how much ice and witch hazel formula is applied) . There are time where tweezers are simply not enough and in a world where everyone is « brow-static » there is simply no choice (so I keep telling me). Lire la suite

Well what can I say… I can never outdo Ryanair ;)

(French  version of this post published 10/08/12). So here I am, I really thought I knew how to travel with Ryanair… I was wrong! There is always something. I mean… it really goes on my nerves : there are so many boxes to tick or un-tick when you  make a booking; they always end up to charge me for something I don’t need. My last (unpleasant) adventure? A trip to the South of France with my one year old son. This time will I outdo them? Lire la suite

Thursday evening: a very public kid’s meltdown

wp-1455472983205.jpgIt is Thursday night. I am tired, I had a long day at work. I hurry to pick up my son from the play center, I am late. Push scooter on one shoulder and laptop bag on the other. I’m being told off for being late  » I thought you’ll never come » .
I smile and tenderly kiss his cheek, telling him that I would never leave him all alone at the play center, and telling him how sorry I am to be late. Lire la suite

London with kids – West Hampstead play centre


The Sanctuary, Sherrif centre

Nestled in an Anglican church in the heart of West Hampstead is one of those places full of character that I love.

Today it ‘s cold and windy. My son is full of life (as always) and I have to find a place where he can have fun without his poor mum slowly turning into a snowman – ok I’m slightly exaggerating , but I feel more like a marshmallow hot chocolate whilst reading Grazia than running outside in the mud 😉

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