A single mum in London – 5 years on

img_20160304_133516As I am looking at my 5 years old taking a bite out his well deserved blueberry muffin after his swimming class, I contemplate how much has happened in this past 5 years. There are thousands of books telling you how to be a parent but let’s be honest… they teach you the theory but you have to find your own way. Each child, each parent is different. Continue la lecture

Eyebrows for beginners…. by a beginner (nope, I’m not a beauty blogger)

benefit_SpitafieldMarketI’m not a beauty blogger… not even close. A quick browsing session on on my blog (which is mostly in French… I admit) will tell you so. Nevertheless I try to keep up with beauty trends – thinking I’m « fashionable » would be a notch too far (big notch) – I just try not to stand out for all the wrong reasons 😉 I know I set myself high expectations, right!

Couple of times a year, I get my eyebrow threaded. I find it very uncomfortable and half of my face is bright pink for at least two hours afterwards (no matter how much ice and witch hazel formula is applied) . There are time where tweezers are simply not enough and in a world where everyone is « brow-static » there is simply no choice (so I keep telling me). Continue la lecture

Well what can I say… I can never outdo Ryanair ;)

(French  version of this post published 10/08/12). So here I am, I really thought I knew how to travel with Ryanair… I was wrong! There is always something. I mean… it really goes on my nerves : there are so many boxes to tick or un-tick when you  make a booking; they always end up to charge me for something I don’t need. My last (unpleasant) adventure? A trip to the South of France with my one year old son. This time will I outdo them? Continue la lecture

Thursday evening: a very public kid’s meltdown

wp-1455472983205.jpgIt is Thursday night. I am tired, I had a long day at work. I hurry to pick up my son from the play center, I am late. Push scooter on one shoulder and laptop bag on the other. I’m being told off for being late  » I thought you’ll never come » .
I smile and tenderly kiss his cheek, telling him that I would never leave him all alone at the play center, and telling him how sorry I am to be late. Continue la lecture

London with kids – West Hampstead play centre


The Sanctuary, Sherrif centre

Nestled in an Anglican church in the heart of West Hampstead is one of those places full of character that I love.

Today it ‘s cold and windy. My son is full of life (as always) and I have to find a place where he can have fun without his poor mum slowly turning into a snowman – ok I’m slightly exaggerating , but I feel more like a marshmallow hot chocolate whilst reading Grazia than running outside in the mud 😉

Continue la lecture