Giving back back a little… #GivingTuesday

Hair donation for Little Princess Trust

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to give back a little. I had a few difficult years and I was so very touched to see how people – even people I didn’t know – would offer to help. Not with massive gestures just with day to day acts of kindness. So now things are easier, I felt I had to do something to give back. However small it was and as often as I could.

One of the little things I decided to do is to donate blood. I had a life long dislike for needles which has prevented me to donate blood. Now during my pregnancy I had to give so much blood I realise how silly I was. Some nurses were amazing to find the right vein some left me with severe bruising but I’d be honest, after 9 months I cared little the discomfort. So I donate my blood. Continue reading

A single mum in London – 5 years on

img_20160304_133516As I am looking at my 5 years old taking a bite out his well deserved blueberry muffin after his swimming class, I contemplate how much has happened in this past 5 years. There are thousands of books telling you how to be a parent but let’s be honest… they teach you the theory but you have to find your own way. Each child, each parent is different. Continue reading

Well what can I say… I can never outdo Ryanair ;)

(French  version of this post published 10/08/12). So here I am, I really thought I knew how to travel with Ryanair… I was wrong! There is always something. I mean… it really goes on my nerves : there are so many boxes to tick or un-tick when you  make a booking; they always end up to charge me for something I don’t need. My last (unpleasant) adventure? A trip to the South of France with my one year old son. This time will I outdo them? Continue reading

Thursday evening: a very public kid’s meltdown

wp-1455472983205.jpgIt is Thursday night. I am tired, I had a long day at work. I hurry to pick up my son from the play center, I am late. Push scooter on one shoulder and laptop bag on the other. I’m being told off for being late ” I thought you’ll never come” .
I smile and tenderly kiss his cheek, telling him that I would never leave him all alone at the play center, and telling him how sorry I am to be late. Continue reading

London with kids – West Hampstead play centre


The Sanctuary, Sherrif centre

Nestled in an Anglican church in the heart of West Hampstead is one of those places full of character that I love.

Today it ‘s cold and windy. My son is full of life (as always) and I have to find a place where he can have fun without his poor mum slowly turning into a snowman – ok I’m slightly exaggerating , but I feel more like a marshmallow hot chocolate whilst reading Grazia than running outside in the mud 😉

Continue reading